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Press Release

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Introducing Biquette: A Brand Offering Artist-Designed Luxury Blankets Made in the USA

Biquette’s luxury blankets are made from premium fibers and custom-made for each special customer.

 New York-based brand Biquette is bringing a creative new spin to throw blankets with its custom-made artist-designed products. The company has collaborated with talented artists and top illustrators from the US, the UK, the Netherlands, Canada, and Japan to offer original and unique designs, highlighting each artist's distinct styles. Design inspirations include geometric elements, nature patterns, figurative images, Pop Art, and other expressive structures combined with bold colors and playful hues. Blanket designs are released regularly.

Behind Biquette is Amelie Mancini, a French painter and textile designer, and Mineola Knitting Co, one of the last knitting mills in Long Island, New York. Their goal is to help revitalize the domestic knitting industry while showcasing stunning artworks from artists around the globe. For the company, it's more than just manufacturing blankets. It's about crafting meaningful pieces of art that add value to people's lives. Aside from blanket purposes, Biquette blankets serve as beautiful design statements for the sofa or the bed.

Biquette is built on originality and usability, fusing aesthetics with high-quality materials. Its blankets are made from premium natural fibers, including Organic Cotton, Merino Wool, and Egyptian Cotton. Each fiber is luxuriously soft and offers enveloping warmth – perfect for lazy days and snuggle times. The blankets are gentle on the skin, breathable, and very durable. They are true heirloom quality products one can enjoy for many years to come.

For an extra touch of personalization, clients can add their initials or a name of their choice to the blankets. They can use the blankets as gifts for loved ones to celebrate life's special occasions or honor close bonds.

All blankets are made to order in the company's Mineola, NY facility to promote slow fashion and reduce the number of textile wastes that end up in landfills every year. Biquette emphasizes on-demand local manufacturing and eliminating mass production, excess inventory, and needless wastage. It promotes mindful shopping to help consumers make the right decisions every time they purchase something. With Biquette, they aren't only getting something good for their homes and selves, but they are also supporting eco-friendly initiatives.

Biquette's blanket collection showcases artworks from Amanda Jane Jones, Amelie Mancini, Aniek Bartels, Arounna Khounnoraj, Beth Haidle, Charlotte Ager, Kim Mullis, Mogu Takahashi, Molly Martin, and Rosemary Milner, and with more designs & new artist collaboration in the coming months.

 Blankets are all machine washable and tumble dry safe. Different color schemes are also available for each design. Explore Biquette's curated collection of blankets here:



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