About Biquette

Biquette (bee-ket) was born out of a desire to showcase our favorite artists and illustrators, through the coziest of mediums: BLANKETS.

Behind this project is Amelie Mancini, a French artist living in NYC, and Mineola Knit Co, one of the last knitting mills on Long Island, NY.


We are working with 100% natural fibers (merino wool, organic cotton and Egyptian cotton) to craft quality products that are made to last. Our blankets are gentle on the planet and on our bodies, and they feel warm but look cool (no pun intended) thanks to the talented artists we are collaborating with.


We spun our favorite artists' work into beautiful blankets, to hold, to cover, and collect. We are excited to bring the original designs of painters, illustrators, textile artists, printers, and more, to the knit world. And we are looking forward to many more collaborations in the future.

(Oh and what does Biquette mean? It's a term of endearment in French, it means 'little goat' and it was one of Amelie's mom's favorite pet names for her and her sister.)