Our Yarns

Merino Wool

 Our extra-fine merino wool comes from Italy.  It is 100% Pre-shrunk and is safe for machine wash and tumble dry at low temperatures.  Our wool feels incredibly soft, squishy, and will not itch, yet is very durable with minimal pilling.  Wool is naturally anti-bacterial and breathable, keeping you warm but not sweaty.  Naturally dirt-resistant, it doesn't need to be washed often.  Lastly, as a natural fiber free of any synthetic material like acrylic or polyester, it is also completely biodegradable. 



Organic Cotton

 Organic cotton is free of pesticides and other toxic chemicals while feeling incredibly soft. It is also gentler on our planet because organic cotton farming uses less water than conventional cotton farming and doesn't leak harmful chemicals into the soil.  Although both are sustainable, when compared to recycled cotton, organic cotton is far superior in quality and noticeably softer because of its virgin fiber.  It is also stronger as a result of its ring-spinning process, whereas recycled cotton is usually spun in open-end spinning and with polyester blends in order to compensate for its short-staple fiber and low tensile strength.



Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian Cotton is well recognized as one of the world’s best quality cotton.  Its extra-long staple fiber yields superior durability with an ultra-smooth surface in yarn and provides a subtle sheen to the fabrics, while squishy soft, and luxurious to the touch.  Our Egyptian Cotton is grown, hand-picked, and spun locally in Egypt, where its fertile soil and unique climate are optimal for cotton farming.  Most of the world’s most luxurious bedsheets and wearing textiles use no other than Egyptian Cotton.  It is undoubtedly the crème de la crème.