Meet The Artist

Amelie Mancini

Meet Amelie Mancini, wearer of many hats!

Describe what you do: I'm a painter and textile designer, and also Biquette's creative director. I work with a wide range of mediums, from watercolor to block printing and lots of things in between.

Where do you live? Where do you work? I live in Brooklyn, NY, near the Botanic Garden. My studio is about 20 minutes away down by the waterfront in Red Hook, one of my favorite neighborhoods. 

Describe a typical day for you: Every day is a little different, depending on what I'm working on. On the days I need to work on my computer, after I take my kids to school I come back home, I exercise for 30 or so minutes, then I start with emails and whatever else needs immediate attention. It could be touching up scanned drawings, drawing with my tablet, preparing files for knitting, doing website maintenance etc. On my studio days, I just paint, draw, print, sew... My workday ends around 4:30pm when it's time for school pick ups and the ad rush from dinner, bath and bedtime that every parent is familiar with. Once the kids are asleep my husband and I have dinner and usually watch some show while I knit.

Name a book that you read recently and loved: I've gotten back into reading in the last few years after not reading much for a while, especially female writers like Lauren Groff, Sally Rooney, Jenny Offill, Rachel Cusk. I also really loved How to do nothing by Jenny Odell, which helped me reinvest in where I lived (the city) at a time when I just wanted to run away to the countryside because of the pandemic. It's easy to take things for granted and lose our connection to our surroundings, our sense of belonging, and this book is a great way to rediscover how much we already have and to give value to where we are.

Favorite snack: Bread and cheese. Any and all kind. And pickles.
Favorite color combination: Tomato red and burgundy.

What is your most treasured possession? A collection of rocks and fossils my grandmother found during her travels.