Meet The Artist

Aniek Bartels

Describe what you do: I am an illustrator based in The Netherlands. I love to design for conscious kids products, lifestyle products and children's books. You can recognize my work by the subtle jokes and tongue-in-cheek references, because why take life too seriously? I believe that even the heaviest subjects can benefit from a playful approach. 

Where do you live? Where do you work? You can find me working from my little home studio in Hilversum. Where I live with my boyfriend Ziggy and bossy cat Tante Lien. Later this year I will move to my very own studio in an old factory that is currently being converted into a creative hotspot.

Describe a typical day for you: I always start my day with a healthy breakfast with loads of fruit and cuddling with my cat. Before I open my laptop I do
a morning meditation to set an intention for the day. I always work with a week schedule to stay productive. At the moment I'm working on a children's book. So I will start with this project at
9 am and work until 6 pm. And I like to end
my day with a kickboxing lesson.

Name a book that you read recently and loved: I'm a really bad reader. But As a child I loved reading the stories and poems of Annie M.G. Schmidt. And I
still do! She was a Dutch writer with a big fantasy, she always came up with the most funniest words like "bietebauw" and *roezemoes'. She is a big inspiration for me.

Favorite snack: I love healthy snacks! And I love to create them myself. These days I'm really into homemade vegan apple crumble!

Favorite color combination: All kinds of pink with bright orange and camel color.

What is your most treasured possession? It may sound a bit cliche, but I think my most precious possession is my dear family, boyfriend, friends and my cat.