Beth Haidle

Meet the wonderful Beth Haidle, artist, author, tarot reader and all around magic maker!
Describe what you do: I’m a freelance artist, so I juggle several roles: author / illustrator, art educator, art & editorial director of Illustoria magazine
Where do you live? Where do you work? I live in Portland, Oregon.

Describe a typical day for you: Ah, I don’t ever have a typical day but I try to start each morning with some indulgent time to myself — usually involves a giant mug of perfect tea, some automatic writing in a notebook that I never read later, and a little sketching or watercolor along some theme I’m focused on lately. I eat rather healthy but in my post-over-the-hill years I’ve decided that a bar of dark chocolate is the best breakfast.
Name a book that you read recently and loved: Hard Boiled Wonderland, by Haruki Murakami, The Hearing Trumpet by Leonora Carrington
Favorite snack: Dried cherries
Favorite color combination: Always changes but lately I like mixing my own black with equal parts indigo and orange-red.
What is your most treasured possession? Portable hammock

What is the best piece of advice someone ever gave you? I’m failing to remember any specific quote at the moment but my go-to gurus for advice lately have been Rupaul and Lynda Barry. 

And finally, where can we see your work? 




Books & Tarot deck

The original painting behind the Biquette Mix & Mingle blanket:
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