Meet The Artist

Frances MacLeod

Meet pattern specialist , Frances MacLeod.

Describe what you do: I create artwork and patterns that combine calligraphic lines, floral motifs, and plenty of color!  My work has appeared in magazines, ad campaigns, publishing projects & products, and in physical spaces like offices, restaurants, homes, and galleries.

Where do you live? Where do you work? I live in Fairway, Kansas, a cute little town just over the state line from Kansas City, Missouri and work from the front room of our house. After a dozen years in Chicago and New York, it has been wonderful to spread out and make bigger messes.

Describe a typical day for you: My days are pretty quiet at the moment! I try to ease into things with coffee & some reading and writing, then switch on a podcast to knock out morning computer tasks (my current favs are Celebrity Book Club with Stephen & Lily and Who Weekly. Keep it light!). Mixing in some variety really helps since I work alone most days, so around lunch time I’ll change scenery by meeting up with a friend, running errands, taking a walk, or picking up a coffee from the friendly people at Hi Hat. Later in the afternoon I can focus on a project with an audiobook, and before long it’s time to start thinking about dinner! Creative work can take so much time to come to fruition, so creating a plan and executing our nightly meal is often a satisfying outlet.

Favorite snack: Cool Ranch Doritos! Though more often it is a little bowl of cashews with a sliced cosmic crisp apple and whatever cheese is in the drawer.

Favorite color combination: There are so many good ones! A light lavender with a snappy red is a go-to, and I also love dark green with a nice blue.