Meet The Artist

Jen Garrido

Meet Jen Garrido, founder, owner, creative director and artist of Jenny Pennywood.

Describe what you do: Jenny Pennywood is a San Francisco based textile line.

Describe a typical day for you: Drop kids off at school, stop at my neighborhood coffee shop to get my usual - an ice tea and then I make my way to the studio. I spend the day multitasking between Jenny Pennywood and all things related to keeping the business running and Jen Garrido painting. All of the creative work I do happens within the same studio so I tend to feel like I “bounce” back and forth to “all the things” every day all day.

Favorite color combination: This is very hard to answer because I believe all colors go together and don’t discriminate but right now, the colors that I am using together in my paintings are fuschia and purples and pinks, a color that pops (lime or hot pink), shadow green, mustard like yellows, moss, dark, dark blues and purples that go almost to black, and dusty pink.