Meet The Artist

Juliette Mancini

Meet Juliette Mancini, comic and illustrator!

Describe what you do: I studied graphic design and worked as a freelancer for a while, but then realized what I loved most was telling stories.

Where do you live? Where do you work? I live in Geneva (Switzerland) in a small house that looks like a mountain cabin, with 3 cats and a hedgehog family. I have a studio space not far, at the Embassy for foreign artists, a residency program I was lucky to join 3 years ago (and even luckier to never leave!).

Describe a typical day for you: I bike to my studio and start the day by making a to-do list and answering emails. Then, depending on the project I am working on, I spend the rest of the day drawing, writing, painting, making etchings… At the moment, I am finishing a graphic novel and preparing for some live drawing concerts with my brother. When I need a break, I go for a walk in the park nearby. During summer, I usually go for a swim at the lake before dinner. It’s the best feeling after a long day of work.

Name a book that you read recently and loved: Everyone knows your mother is a witch by Rivka Galchen was a great read, and felt like a terrifying-yet-thrilling time travel.
Favorite snack: I love to bake (and eat) banana bread, rhubarb galettes and chocolate cakes.

Favorite Color Combination: Lately I have been very fond of bright vermillion with olive green and any shade of pink