Kim Mullis

Meet New York-based artist Kim Mullis, talented builder of Cool Things!
Describe what you do: I am an interdisciplinary artist and have a design studio under the name of Wilderness Bodies, Wildbod for short. Through my studio practice I explore the ways technology has become an extension of my hand and how that influence draws me back to the handmade object.
Where do you live? Where do you work? I live in Ridgewood, Queens and I have a studio space in Red Hook, Brooklyn inside of a fabrication shop with a showroom called Piscina.


Describe a typical day for you: Most of my days are a little different, but a typical studio day for me would be — waking up at a decent hour, not feeling rushed in my morning routine, listening to some “DANCE BEATS” music on the way over to the studio. Spend the day tinkering in my studio - breaking at some point to have lunch with my friend Josie, who has a studio down the street - then heading home to be greeted by my neighbors hanging out on the stoop. These days are rare, but I try to fit them in as much as possible.

Name a book that you read recently and loved: I am not much of a reader, but one of my favorite books I have read in the past few years is The Argonauts — it is a memoir mixed in with philosophical theory by Maggie Nelson. When I finished it, I immediately read her book of prose and poetry called Bluets.
Favorite snack: COLD DAY - Hot coffee & a pastry / HOT DAY - Can of seltzer & a mandarin orange
Favorite color combination: If I had to pick one today, like right this minute --- Yellow Ochre, Baby Blue & Bright Red. My apologies to all of my other “favorite” color combinations!
What is your most treasured possession? My Shooting Hand Plane - A few years back I lived in Maine for a few months to attend a furniture making intensive. There I was taught how to make a wooden hand plane — it’s a tool used to square up a piece of wooden veneer. I love tools in general, but this one feels very special because it reminds me how important it is to slow down sometimes.

What is the best piece of advice someone ever gave you? “YOU NEED TO CHILL OUT!”, but like in the nicest possible way one could say that to another human.

And finally, where can we see your work? 
The original painting behind the Biquette Shapes blanket:
Shop The Shapes Blanket