Meet The Artist

Louise Lockhart

Describe what you do: I am an illustrator and run a little business called The Printed Peanut. I like to put my pictures onto everything from socks to soap. I love to see how my illustrations get translated into different products.

Where do you live? Where do you work? I live in Yorkshire, in a small town where I grew up. My studio is in the bottom of our home, a converted cotton mill that took us years to renovate. I don’t work in there as often as I used to now I have 2 small kids. I try and fit in doing drawing amongst all my other duties!

Describe a typical day for you: We have really early starts in my house - I’m ready for lunch by 10am. My husband and I take it in turns to work as we are both self employed. That gives us freedom but we also never seem to finish the to-do list. When I work, I try to get out of the house in the morning for a walk, otherwise I’ll be staring at a screen all day. I start my designs by using paper cut outs and drawings which I then scan in and arrange on Photoshop. I try to keep things as analogue as possible to make them look handmade and a bit wonky.

Name a book that you read recently and loved: I never have time to pick up a book these days but I listen to audiobooks whilst I work which is perfect for me. I’m really into the Robert Galbraith Strike novels at the moment.

Favorite snack: Anything peanut of course!

Favorite color combination: Neon pink, yellow and cyan are what I usually gravitate towards as a lot of my work is printed by risograph with very limited ink colours.