Meet The Artist

Maja Säfström

Meet Maja Säfström, Stockholm based illustrator and author!

Describe what you do: I work as an illustrator. Actually, I have a master's degree in architecture but I was remarkably bad at being an architect (kept falling asleep at my desk) so the world is much better off with me drawing cute animals instead of buildings.

Where do you live? Where do you work? I live in Stockholm (a bit outside to be honest but I bike to my studio in the city in 15 minutes everyday!!!!!) ok 20 minutes… 23 minutes to be exact. And it's an electric bike. 

Favorite Color Combination: I love orange and pink together but for clothes I wear almost only black in the winter and almost only beige in the summer. 

What inspired you to design blankets with Biquette? 

I saw a few of your earlier collabs on instagram and they looked so beautiful so I just started love bombing the account (and this might be the best advice I can give someone!) by liking everything Biquette posted. I hoped you would notice me and love me back!!!!