Meet The Artist

Marie Colin-Madan

Describe what you do: I define myself as a textile design artisan. I create things from A to Z, being able to process from conception to completion is very important to me and holistic MAKING brings me a lot of joy.

Where do you live? Where do you work? We just moved (me, Jonathan and our 2 kids) to a small village called St Germain Laval, Loire 42, France where some friends of ours live.Parts of our house are dedicated workspaces: a music studio and my textile workshop, all trying to get along with our family life.

Describe a typical day for you: Wake up and have breakfast with my kids (5 & 7) with a black earl gray tea (always for the last 20 years.) After school drop off, I go to my work space all day long. I would love to tell you that I do yoga or some other selfcare activity, but I never manage to do it. Two Wednesdays a month, I teach textile design for the 60 students of the classe préparatoire des beaux arts in Lyon.

Name a book that you read recently and loved: Emanuele Coccia’s “The Life of Plants”

Favorite snack: These days, I love cooking some "tarte au citron meringuée" but we are so lucky to live in the countryside with so many good vegetables, cheese, bread and eggs... I love eating so much. That's one of our favorite activities and where we spend the most money, it’s so great to put money into environmentally friendly products. I feel like I'm taking care of the Earth and of my soul. It’s really an act of activism to choose where you put your money!!!!

What is your most treasured possession? I don’t know.... maybe a small and twisty piece of black lava I brought back from Iceland... and the reproduction of "la dame à la licorne" tapestry embroidered by my grandmother. And at the very top of all treasures are my kids but they're not my possessions...